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Sunday Snippets- A Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival is a weekly opportunity to share our best posts with the wider Catholic blogging community. To participate, create a post highlighting posts that would be of interest to Catholics and link to the host blog at This That and the Other Blog. Go to the host blog and leave a comment giving a link to your post.

This week I referred readers over to my apologetics blog at Visits to Candyland where we received this comment:

Happy Easter to you Elena! Four years ago I discovered Candy. Two years ago I discovered you. Last night (Easter Vigil) I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church. It was a beautiful night and one I will remember forever.

Thanks to you and Kelly for clearing up any confusion there may be about what the Church believes, teaches, and proclaims.

Have a blessed Easter season!

I had some historical Catholic tidbits in my 7-Quick Takes this week as well as some pictures from a local Catholic cemetery.

Jean at Catholic Fire had some great Youtube videos in defense of the Catholic Church in the midst of the (re)-current scandal.

Some 50+ year old Easter Cards featured in My Dearest Daughter.

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