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Small Successes!


1. My kids and I finished reading about the Donner Party. We had some good discussions about planning ahead, and knowing who to trust. Most people think of the Donner Party as synonymous with cannibalism, but really they are the poster children for poor planning and bad leadership. It was good to have such discussions with my kids though. They really felt a lot of empathy and did a lot of, "what would I do if I were lost in the desert or stranded in the mountains" type of thinking.

2. My efforts to get back in shape via exercise videos have rubbed off on Izzy and her friend T, who are as we speak over at T's house doing Dancin' Abs by Jazzercise

3. My two son's Sam and Gabe are not ONLY performing in Battle of the Bands in June, but they lined themselves up another "gig" at a local coffee house! Sam says, "we're living the dream." They're more like living the cat nap, but it's a start and I'm proud of them for being so persistent.

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