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Catholic Sex Scandals, Redux over at Visits to Candlyand

We're having a passionate discussion over on Visits to Candyland.

This one is particularly maddening because it seems to certain posters the church can't do enough or anything to make amends or move in the right direction and if the Catholic commenters point to progress or apologies it's "too little, too late." For example:

Visits to Candyland: Catholic Sex Scandals, Part III: "Clearly we are at crosshairs here. You provide the myriad of apologies and I provide the example of a few people who want more than words. You are coming from a position of seeing all the progress that the church has made, and to many of us it seems too little, too late (at least for many survivors and others who have left the church because of the past.)"

I'm kind of thinking there's not much else to be said, but if you're interested take a look before we close the thread.

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