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A Teenage Girl's Rule of Life Part 2

A few weeks ago I was asked to speak to the 8th-grade girls in our confirmation class. This is part 2. Part 1 was here.

2. Study and education. Right now, and for at least four more years, your main job is to be a good student and to study. That is the calling on your life right now. Enjoy this time. Never again will it be solely your responsibility to learn as much as you can. Yes, there is lifelong learning, but once you become an adult that learning has to be coupled with earning a living and/or caring for a family. So if they give you a stupid book to read in literature class – read that book as if it is the last book you will ever read. Find the lesson in that book that is supposed to be there for you. Embrace algebra! Learn that periodic table and ponder the lessons of history. Now is the season for you to do that – wring everything you can out of it and then some!!

And while you’re doing that – keep your heart, mind and ears open to God’s call on your life. What are you drawn to, what are you interested in, what grabs and captures your attention and see where maybe God is drawing you in service to him. And be open to whatever that may be whether it be married life, or the convent or as a single woman. All have their unique challenges, privileges and pleasures. At this time in your life start exploring your options.

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