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Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival is a weekly opportunity to share our best posts with the wider Catholic blogging community. To participate, create a post highlighting posts that would be of interest to Catholics and link to the host blog at This That and the Other Blog. Go to the host blog and leave a comment giving a link to your post.

I didn't do a lot of blogging last week. But I did talk about our Pre-cana day experiences here. And our talk is even on Youtube!

My Ash Wednesday and Lenten post is here. All of my favorite Links For Lent are in my file.

One of the best Lenten Posts I read this week was on my friend TSO's Blog here. He found this gem from Mother Angelica on Catholic Answers.

The other day I caught a few minutes of her show, recorded in Feb. 1994. It was just before Lent. A lady called in and told Mother she was a coffee addict. Mother replied (everyone gasped) that she drank at least three cups herself each day.

The caller was wrestling over whether or not, or even if she could, surrender coffee as a Lenten penance.

Mother listened for a minute and told her all she heard in her voice was "Coffee!" The lady was obsessing over coffee. Mother replied that she should be obssessing over Jesus instead, and doing whatever it was she was going to do at Lent out of love. Mother suggested the lady have one cup each morning, for her sanity, and give up coffee the rest of the day. That way, with coffee out of the way, she wouldn't be obssessing over coffee all day, could more easily give it up later in the day, and concentrate on other devotion, not to mention the rest of her life, instead.
I went looking for that on Youtube but I couldn't find it.  Found this nugget of wisdom from Mother Angelica instead.

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