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A square peg.

A couple of weeks ago I started noting this thing about Blissdom all over the blogosphere. And I mean the far corners - for example Sprittibee was going and so was Cecily - not exactly peas in a pod but still two of my favorite bloggers. But as I had neither the desire or funds to take a mid winter trip I remained kind of oblivious to it.

It appears that the Blissdom Conference, held last weekend right next door to the Tea Party Convention, was predominantly conservative Christian in orientation. Still, Cecily gave it a lot of kudos:

"I want to be clear: I honestly LIKED everyone I met. They were all sweet and kind, really. There was such a general feeling of love and sweetness that surrounding the conference,"

I thought that was great and frankly - that's really how it should be, especially in a crowd of Christian women who are there to share ideas in the first place.

A funny thing crossed my mind though - I wonder if I were to go to a predominantly liberal blogging convention if I would come away with the same feeling.  I have serious reservations.  Based on my past experiences on line, I think I'd be lucky to get out without being assaulted. My online encounters (see my side bar for examples) have been insulting and intimidating enough.(Threats to call CPS and come over to "smash" my head come to mind.") I can't imagine that expression of my ideas, conservative or religious views and/or  thoughts, regardless of how benignly delivered would be met with anything approaching tolerance. One of Cecily's commentators gives some illuminating examples. Somehow I can't feel the love and sweetness, can you?