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Works for me Wednesday- movie day

Like many homeschoolers, I try to get all of my "busyness" done on one day. That means I try very hard to schedule  music lessons and other outside lessons/activities on one day. What I have found over the years is that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get back to regular school work after being gone to piano lessons all morning and then some other type of activity in the afternoon. Unfortunately , our busy run-around day tends to be the day I have to get the most work done in my transcription job. Usually that means I have to devote a good chunk of the afternoon and a long evening of work. Still I hated to lose the time and not have my  younger students (and sometimes even the teens) not learning something!

My solution has been a movie day! I first heard about movie day through the Bravewriter web site and then later I joined the Bravewriter Yahoo Group.  They call it the "Afternoon" movie and the yahoo group states the following:

A movie does so many good things:

—reinforces elements of plot
—gives an interpretation of a familiar story
—brings characterizations to life
—creates a chance to snuggle on the couch and eat popcorn

Pick a movie (see list of ideas on and watch it together. It counts! Narration opportunities, a chance to discuss plot elements and closeness make movie viewing an essential part of a Brave Writer Lifestyle.

And don't forget to watch multiple versions of the same story. Lots of compare/contrast and critical thinking opportunities.

Try it; you'll like it

We have tried it and my kids really look forward to movie day every week!  I not only have shown them regular theater movies but also documentaries, television series,  musicals and educational movies like Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Here are some movie lists to get you started
A family movie list
50 best Catholic Movies of all Time
100 kid films
NYT List of must-see movies (of course not all of those are appropriate for children - choose according to the ages, interest and maturity of your kids.)

I get my movies usually at the library, Netflix or Amazon.
Works for me!

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