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St. Raymond of Penafort

St. Raymond of Penafort is the patron of He is the patron saint of lawyers, including canon lawyers, and schools and faculties of law. But he could just as well be the patron of folks in middle age. He didn't join the Dominican order until he was 47 and of course had to study with men half his age! How many times are folks in their 30s, 40s 50s and older intimidated about going back to school because they don't want to be the oldest in the classroom!

St. Raymond went on to have a very fruitful second half of life. He organized all of the church documents of the time doing such a good job that his work remained in place for 700 years! He was elected leader of the Dominican Order and he helped the community organize their own rules and way of life. He preached for another 35 years and died at the age of 100! For the over 40 (and 50!) crowd Saint Raymond is a good patron saint to adopt!

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