Pre-Holiday Links and Resources -Advent 2018 and Christmas

With Thanksgiving this week, Advent is following quickly behind it!

But besides the busy preparation for Christmas, there are a lot of things we can do to really observe the season of Advent! Over the years I have collected links and resources for the holidays that I thought would help me and my family prepare our hearts and spirits to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus.  I haven't done everything on this list.  Some of it is a wish list, but there was something in every link that I thought was worthwhile.

Perhaps first on the list is actually getting our homes ready for the holidays:
Holiday Grand Plan or join their Yahoo Group E-mail List Declutter and Clean!
Also DeClutter and Organize on Facebook. 

and get your planner ready~  Advent and Christmas Planner from Catholic Icing or Advent Planner from Wildflower and Marbles. 

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Simple Woman

Outside my window...
This is actually outside my backdoor!
january 2010 028

I am thinking...
about a theory I have developed over the years - when people are sick or going through a hard time, in my experience, they become more of who they truly are - not less. Someone who is patient, loving and kind, will exhibit those characteristics even more so. Ditto the person who is cold and distant. Conversion may come about as a result of sickness and hard times, but my observation (for whatever that is worth) is that when they're heading into the thick of it, folks let down their pretenses and exhibit who they really are.

I think a lot about my mother's last few months and yes she was grumpy and in a bad mood because she didn't feel good. But she always tried to smile, and tried to say something funny and pleasant because before she got sick Mom always tried to be funny, pleasant, kind and loving. Even cancer couldn't take that away from her.

Cancer doesn't make relationships stronger or better, to my mind it just reveals what was there to begin with.

I am thankful for...
for the Christmas season. I am also thankful to see ordinary time.

From the learning rooms...
We continue with The Screwtape Letters and A Philadelphia Catholic in King James's Court with Gabe in preparation for confirmation. We move on to Iowa and Nebraska this week and review the circulatory system!  Gabe completes Chapter 5 in General Science.  And I am going to put Elmer's glue on Sam's seat to get him to do the backlog of ACT and SAT practices on the computer!!

From the kitchen...
Spaghetti or bean soup.  Can't decide!

I am wearing...
Black pants and red top with black jacket - again!!

I am creating...
an updated homeschool blog which I have let slide since the summer time!

I am going...
to really concentrate on the laundry this week - purge, purge purge any clothes we aren't wearing, or are torn  and worn beyond the time it would take to mend them!

I am also clearing out my mom's storage area. I have 7 boxes in my van right now. Every week I am going to get 7 more until they are all gone. And when I get them home I am separating, donating, pitching and saving!

I am reading...

The Divine Office for Dodos: A Step-By-Step Guide to Praying the Liturgy of the Hours

I am hoping...
to exercise every day but Wednesday and Thursday. I'm just too busy to fit it in on those two days and am not willing to stress out trying!  We are in week two of praying morning prayer together. 

I am hearing...
The dishwasher

Around the house...

Gabe and Sam are up getting ready to walk the dog and start our school day.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
finish cleaning my office, hit my goal for my typing and getting a lot of laundry done!

A picture I am sharing:  
We finally did our Epiphany blessing last night - on the last night of Christmas.

january 2010 021
Mr. Pete writing the year and the initials of the three wise men on our front door with the blessed chalk.

Everyone cold and happy to be blessed for the new year

january 2010 025

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