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My Domestic Church Daily Clips 01/24/2010

  • tags: obama, currentevents

    • At the end of Barack Obama’s worst week since taking power a year ago, the US president’s fortunes look set only to deteriorate over the coming days. Following the shock defeat of the Democratic candidate in Massachusetts on Tuesday, a move that deprived the president of his 60-seat super-majority in the Senate and left his legislative agenda in tatters, Mr Obama has just four days to reboot the system.

      The US president had originally delayed next week’s State of the Union address to Congress in the hope he would get his signature healthcare reform bill enacted in time. That prospect, already waning, was killed dead by the voters in Massachusetts. A growing number of Democrats believe the nine-month effort could collapse altogether.

  • Things that make you go hmmm!

    tags: Duggars

    • To be close to their 19th child, Josie Brooklyn, born three months premature, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have leased a house in Little Rock, Arkansas. The home is the historic Cornish House, built in 1919 by Ed and Hilda Cornish. Born as Brunhilde Kahlert, Mrs. Cornish started the state's birth control movement after the death of her husband. Her efforts paved the way for the establishment of Arkansas' Planned Parenthood Association. On the contrary, the Duggars believe that children are a blessing from God and desire to receive all the gifts He is willing to give them. They are thankful to have found a house to accommodate their large family, no matter what its history is.

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