Pre-Holiday Links and Resources -Advent 2018 and Christmas

With Thanksgiving this week, Advent is following quickly behind it!

But besides the busy preparation for Christmas, there are a lot of things we can do to really observe the season of Advent! Over the years I have collected links and resources for the holidays that I thought would help me and my family prepare our hearts and spirits to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus.  I haven't done everything on this list.  Some of it is a wish list, but there was something in every link that I thought was worthwhile.

Perhaps first on the list is actually getting our homes ready for the holidays:
Holiday Grand Plan or join their Yahoo Group E-mail List Declutter and Clean!
Also DeClutter and Organize on Facebook. 

and get your planner ready~  Advent and Christmas Planner from Catholic Icing or Advent Planner from Wildflower and Marbles. 

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My Domestic Church Daily Clips 01/06/2010

  • Excellent comment on the story of a NY couple that was arrested (mug shots and all) for not registering with the school district to homeschool their own kids.

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    • Look at the foto of the mother - crying. This is our govt at work - they can't seem to protect us from the most incompetent of so-called 'terrorists', they steal TRILLIONS of our tax dollars and hand them over to giant banks, and corrupt unions (like the public education one) and mismanage their own finances so badly that every level of govt is completely and totally broke - but they comehow still manage to find time to make all the 'little people' like you and I into criminals for the most ridiculous of violations of the law - 40,000 new laws enacted nationwide as of January 1 - according to yahoo.

      These 'leaders' of ours have created a monumental pile of corrupt bureaucracies that micromanage every single miniscule aspect of our lives. they have a vested interested (MONEY) to go after ANY ordinary citizens that dare to buck the system, to fight in any small way against the fascist, ignorant and immoral ways. They have the guns, they have the power, they get to put us in prison while they reward their fat cat cronies with bribes, huge pensions and perks none of us would ever dream of. This is what these busybodies have done to our country - turned it into a sewer of corruption and filth.

      In a truly just and moral society, the Cressy's would be held up as a sterling example of what made America great - initiative, courage, and the willingness to sacrifice and work hard for what you believe is right. THIS society marks them as criminals. What a perfect metaphor for all that is wrong with the USA.

      If there is any bright spot to all this, it is that the time is rapidly approaching that these ignorant fascist bureaucrats are going to end up paying the price for terrorizing the rest of us - the money isn't there to pay for their terror acts any more and as time rolls on, they will lose their jobs, their pensions and their power (or worse according to some of the anger I see all around the country). I for one, think it has been a long time coming. May the Goddess love & protect the Cressy's - they look like people who deserve it.
  • More of that hopey changey thing gone awry.

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    • "This was a screw up that could have been disastrous," the
      president said during a meeting in the White House situation
      room, according to the White House media office. "We dodged a
      bullet but just barely. It was averted by brave individuals not
      because the system worked and that is not acceptable. While
      there will be a tendency for finger pointing, I will not
      tolerate it."

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