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Congratulations Senator Scott Brown

It appears the effects of the poison Kool Aid imbibed by many in 2008 have worn off- big time! Republican candidate Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts with over 50% of the vote which is remarkable since that seat (previously held by the late Senator Kennedy) has been occupied by a Democrat since 1953. Both senate seats from that state have been held by Democrats since the 1970s. This really is a sweet victory in that sense.

Brown campaigned the hard way - door to door, shaking hands, putting some mileage on his feet an on his GM Pickup truck! Last night I watched an interview with the Senator-to-be in his pickup truck and the interviewer commented on how "regular" his truck looked - complete with food wrappers on the floor and his 3D glasses from Avatar on the dashboard. Clearly Brown is a regular guy - much more so than his elitist opponent.

And the people got it! Unfortunately our President still didn't seem to understand. When he attended the rally supporting Martha? er Marcia? Coakley's candidacy he made a crack about Brown's truck saying..."anyone can buy a truck."

Not these days. Actually not everyone can afford a truck. It's one of the problems with the economy. And shouldn't the President be lauding a guy who actually did buy an American made GM truck? It's just another indication to my mind how out of touch this President, his administration, and party are to the plight of the average American citizens. And last night, the people of Massachusetts sent them a wake up call.

It's only January 2010 - if this is any indication, I am truly looking forward to November!

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