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Works for Me Wednesday- Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

Fight after SLO was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went out and bought
Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book.

I had first heard about Dr. Susan Love and her book about 11 years ago when I was typing for a female general surgeon. Every time one of her patients had an abnormal breast finding, be it a cyst or a malignancy, this doctor would recommend that she get this book and read it. She said it was like an owner's manual for breasts.

The first part of the book indeed is about the normal breast and how it should function. Some La Leche or baby wearing moms might not agree with the author's assessment of exclusive breastfeeding but she states that as opinion and not fact. the rest of that section is still very informative.

The second half of the book deals with breast cancer and breast cancer treatment. I found that to be invaluable as I got information from SLO and was able to look it up to understand it better and also to learn more about her surgery and treatments.

It's written in a no-nonsense manner specifically for lay people. But that doesn't mean it's written down. All of the medical jargon is explained. I still keep this book with me and to look up things as questions arise. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a loved one going through breast cancer or for anyone who simply wants to understand breast physiology and cancer treatments better.

Works for Me!

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