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Why Michelle Obama is no Jackie Kennedy

I got to watch a bit of the Obama Christmas Special with Oprah last night. Oprah had Michelle Obama talk to her about the Christmas ornaments on the tree and I was simply stunned by what I heard.

Mrs. Obama started off by saying they had taken ornaments from previous administrations for the tree. So far so good - I thought it was great that they were giving a nod to past administrations and history. Turns out it was far from it. As Mrs. Obama put it, they sent these old bulbs out and asked communities to decorate over them - that's right. They sent them off to be defaced...

How hard would it have been to just ask people to make a Christmas decoration and send it in? That way the old bulbs would have been spared. And now that I think about it, the white house paid the postage for these to be sent out and returned? The spending just never lets up does it.

Anyway, there has been so much comparison between Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy I wanted to point out that Mrs. Kennedy NEVER would have sent out bulbs from past administrations to be "decorated over." She would have preserved them. I think the clips below illustrate that point. Mrs. Kennedy had a sense of history that seems to be lost on Mrs. Obama who apparently is under the impression that only her husband's administration is the one that matters.

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