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Obama supporters - Are you sorry yet?

Last fall I was dumbfounded by the number of online seemingly moderate Catholics who succumbed to the Obama euphoria and actually voted for the man despite his stand on abortion and "redistribution" policies. Some seemed simply swept away. Others I think just drank too deep from the Obama Kool Aid.

So, I started a special section in my Diigo and Delicious links under the tag areyousorryyet?(Are you sorry yet?) Seriously, it could be my biggest category if I added something to it every day - there have been that many gaffes by this president. But I try to exercise a little restraint.

Nonetheless some of his biggest women/mommy blogger supporterss have kind of quit blogging so effusively about the charismatic leader.  I checked a couple of spots this week to see if there would be a response to the 30,000 troops going into Afghanistan or the NIH authorizing experiments on embryos, or perhaps the unemployment rate going over 10%. Nada. Not a peep.

On one blog I did go back into the archives where the blogger had written about her hopes for the new administration which included getting out of the middle east and I added a comment about the 30,000 troops going into Afghanistan, which is probably not exactly what she was hoping for. Sure enough she's upset - at me, not the Prez. Go figure.

My followup comment was:

I merely pointed out in this thread where you expressed your support for Obama because you had hopes of getting out of the middle east, that he was sending 30,000 troops into Afghanistan. I'm not sure how that can be construed as hate except I guess you hate to be wrong about this guy.

Nonetheless, you also said you hoped he would end abortion (which was odd since he was the most pro-abortion senator at the time).Of course that hasn't happened and in fact today it was even announced that the NIH is going to begin experimenting on embryos.

I imagine this isn't the kind of hope and change you were looking for 13 months ago when the man was elected.
But other than this, and of course the far left extreme bloggers, I'm not seeing a lot of political talk in the usual places?  Are people getting complacent or just worn out?  or maybe the tracking numbers say it all.

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