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Sarah Palin on Oprah

I just caught the Oprah Winfrey interview with Sarah Palin today and I was very pleased. These were two very gracious and charming women who were very respectful of each other and full of good humor. They seemed to have a great rapport and I thought it was a great interview for both of them. But most importantly there was not a single moment of the interview were I cringed or felt uncomfortable. Oprah knows how to highlight her guests and still ask the tough questions and Sarah, without handlers, was spontaneous and easy in her answers. This was the Sarah Palin I wish we could have seen more of a year ago.

I thought the part of the interview that dealt with Levi Johnston would be the most revealing in the type of person Sarah Palin really is and she didn't disappoint. While Sarah remained plain spoken about her disappointment with the way Johnston has been smearing her and the Palin family (she even called his shoot for Playgirl Magazine "porn" and "heartbreaking") she didn't bad mouth him and in fact spoke about him in otherwise maternal and even warm terms.

It was eye opening to hear her perceptions of what it was like to run for a national office and how much pressure they were all under. It was good to hear that she new that the Katie Couric interview as a disaster.

But the most important part of the interview for me was her discussing her son Trigg and his diagnosis of Down's Syndrome and how she felt about that as a woman and as a mom. I think that segment showed her as a real person most women could relate with. The pictures of Sarah and her family with baby Trigg gave a glimpse of Sarah Palin, the wife and mother.

I'm sure liberals and progressives who hate Sarah Palin just because of who she is will probably hate this interview and perhaps even hate Oprah for not attacking her. In fact, that's already happening. But I thought both ladies did a great job and now I can't wait to read Sarah's  new book.

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