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My Domestic Church Daily Clips 11/06/2009

  • Excellent article - probing questions.

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    • Genetics alone has not caused autism to increase from an incidence of 1:10,000 to 1:91 in a twenty year period. I asked the CDC earlier this month to let us know of one other genetic condition that had ever demonstrated that exponential growth rate. They were stumped. Something environmental is causing this. Something universally environmental even though we all eat different food, drink different water and breathe different air.
  • How's that hopey changey thing working out?

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  • The decision on whether or not to vaccinate myself and the kids might be made for me!

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    • Health officials have told us all along to get the H1N1 vaccine, it’s our best defense against the deadly virus. At the same time, we’ve been reminded not to forget about getting our seasonal flu shots. That’s why it’s frustrating for people waiting in long lines all over the country, only to be turned away. Vaccine supplies are running low because of production delays, but adding to the problem is an increased demand for the seasonal vaccine. Concerns over H1N1, have led many people to get vaccinated who normally wouldn’t. So far, 85 million people have gotten seasonal vaccine. That’s 25 million more than this time last year.
  • This is scary - Wadsworth closes its birthing center just like Cuyahoga Falls did last year. Rosie was born at CF and I received wonderful care and attention. It really was as close to being at home as it could have been (and I have done homebirth before so I have a realistic impression of it.)

    But why does it cost so much or need so many deliveries to stay solvent? (malpractice? inflation?) With 1000 deliveries a year women and babies start getting on that medicalized treadmill that the Business of Being Born exposed. The economy and the closing of small community hospital OB wards might help bring midwifery and homebirth into the forefront.

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    • Experts say hospitals typically must have at least 1,000 deliveries a year to break even or profit from their maternity services.

      ''There was no way for us to get to the number of deliveries we would need to make this a viable opportunity for us,'' Pope said.

  • Homebirths are more economical and in this economy, more women are willing to look into it.

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    • Licensed home-based midwives say they’ve seen a slight increase in business in part because their service tends to be less expensive than giving birth in a hospital.

      “The fact (that) people are having a lot of financial troubles is causing people to look for alternatives,” said Suzanne Smith, a midwife who said she is taking more calls from people who are uninsured or have high deductibles.

      Consulting appointments are also up at BellaNatal, a one-room birth suite in Orem run by Smith.

      At the Birth and Family Place, a birth center in Holladay, the number of women touring the center who say they’re attracted by the price has risen to about one-third, according to medical director Rebecca McInnis.

      “I don’t think it’s been that high before,” McInnis said.

      A hospital-based birth can cost about $8,300, including about $6,000 on average for the hospital charge, according to 2006 estimates by the state health department. Deliveries at home or at a birthing center can be substantially less expensive.

  • A good friend of mine works for a soap manufacturer. They were getting ready to do lay offs when the economy tanked - now they are working overtime! An unintended good consequence of the H1N1.

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    • NEW YORK ( -- Demand for hand sanitizer has gone through the roof since the first cases of swine flu broke out earlier this year, and some makers of the germ-fighting gels are scrambling to keep up.
  • The current health care bill in the house does require public money for elective abortion. Here are the links!

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    • Health care reform should not be used as an opportunity to use federal
      funds to pay for elective abortions. Health reform should be an
      opportunity to protect human life - not end it.

      Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi’s 2,032-page government
      takeover of health care
      does just that.  On line 17, p. 110, section 222 under “Abortions for which Public Funding is
      Allowed” the Health and Human Services Secretary is given the authority to
      determine when abortion is allowed under the government-run plan. 
      The Speaker’s plan also requires that at least one insurance plan offered
      in the Exchange covers abortions.

      What is even more alarming is that a monthly abortion premium will be
      charged of all enrollees in the government-run plan.  It’s right
      there on line 16, page 96, section 213, under “Insurance Rating Rules.”  The
      premium will be paid into a U.S. Treasury account - and these federal
      funds will be used to pay for the abortion services

      Section 213 describes the process in which the Health Benefits
      Commissioner is to assess the monthly premiums that will be used to pay
      for elective abortions under the government-run plan.  The
      Commissioner must charge at a minimum $1 per enrollee per month.

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