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Just a quick What's Going on in My Domestic Church

Yesterday the kids and I got up, noticed that it was a great, beautiful day (expected it to get into the 70s!) and decided that we would rather finish our hiking spree than do any school work.

I should explain that our area is blessed with fabulous woods and hiking trails and that if you complete 8 trails between September 1 and November 30 you can get a hiking staff or a shield for your hiking staff! We use to do this every year but for some reason we just haven't done it since Rosie was born. But this year I was determined to push through and the kids were happy about it. We only had to carry Rosie a few times so I can say she earned her staff by herself!

Now when my mom moved up here she earned her hiking staff and was very proud of it. Only did it once though, but I have her staff with it's one little shield on it. I think I am going to give that to Rosie and that way she can always have that little momento from her grandmother, who started the shield collection off with the very first one!

So we walked two parks yesterday and earned our shields. I told the kid it was physical education because of the walking, and could be science if the took the time to make some observations while they were walking around. It was mainly fun. But I just couldn't see letting that great day go by since I don't know what the weather for the rest of the month is going to be like.

I am also unsure of what family life is going to be like over the next few weeks. I can't say too much other than someone very close to me is in the process of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Today I step on the path for the rest of this journey with her. We are just going to take it as it comes, day by day.

To that end, I do usually look up stuff and do a lot of internet reading and as I find things I will post them in my files and of course with links here via Diigo if anyone is interested. Your prayers of course always make a difference and will be very much appreciated.

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