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Ebooks and homeschooling

I have been homeschooling for 14 or 15 years now and I have lots and lots of books and reference material, but the ones I am using the most these days are right on my computer!

For Geography I started using the resources over on Geography Matters. I can print whatever I want whenever I want and it's so much easier to store than three or more Geography books. My children have enjoyed using the maps and resources through them as well.

Of course I have used the Language Arts Program for two years now and have found them to be very good and my kids enjoy them. I have the high school writing program as well.

I recently discovered that Kathryn Stout's Design a Study books are available as e-books and I highly recommend them. They are low cost and cover many grades and make it easier for mom to teach several kids at once with supplemental library books and resources. It helps me to know that I have covered everything that I need to cover particularly in science, history and spelling.

And the best part about all of these programs is that I can use them, save on my computer and print them out whenever I need to and I'll also have them when Rosie is old enough to need them.

Of course I also use Mozy Unlimited Backup to make sure my e-book purchases can travel with me from computer to computer.

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