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1. Last week I talked about how I had learned better how to let go and let it be. But sometimes, bound by conscience, you gotta make your case. And then retreat and let everyone else follow their own consciences. I'm pretty good at making the case. Not so good with the retreat although the days and weeks to come will be a better test of how I'm doing on that one.

2. I made time for one on one time with Noah. We took a long 1-hour walk together over some pretty tough terrain. We also talked and really enjoyed each other's company. He is becoming a very nice young man!

october 2009 and old halloween pictures 049

3. After years and years of having a thrown together dining room table(s) I finally bought a nice table and - get this - matching chairs!! So now I can seat 10 at my table comfortably and with the leaves in I can seat 14 or more! I'm very excited about it and looking for an excuse to have a big get together over the holidays.

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