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1. Sam took his PSAT test yesterday at a Christian Academy because my public school and the two local Catholic High Schools wouldn't take him. He was greeted graciously and even had a chance to talk to some of the kids (a couple of whom thought he was in one of their classes!) It was overall a good experience and Sam tells me that he "destroyed the math section!" I hope so!!

2. Calvin had an incident at work where they had to transport a young man who had been involved with a gang shooting. Calvin literally held the top of this kid's head on as they drove to the hospital. Can I tell you how proud I am of my son and the way he pulls it together in these tough situations. I asked him if he thought the guy made it. "He was already gone mom, already gone."

3. Last night the music group that will be providing Praise and Worship music for the 8th grade confirmation class practiced at my house. There were two adults with guitars, two adult singers, one teenage girl singer, Sam and Gabe. And despite being the youngest and least experienced, I think the three teens held their own pretty well. I was especially impressed with Gabe who is really the baby of the group at 14 and the only drummer. He handled constructive criticism well and even joined in the singing for a non-percussion song, revealing to all of us (even me!) that he's a pretty good tenor!

Now if only I could get Sam and Gabe to do some Journey songs with Gabe doing lead vocal!

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