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Outside my window...
Fall is here. The yellow leaves are just hanging.

I am thinking...
about the letter I am blogging tomorrow from 1958 written by my grandma. Unfortunately it is a rather cranky and sarcastic letter, but I do remember my grandmother being that way sometimes.

I am also thinking that it is very possible I might lose a client this week because of the economy, change in office staff etc. And I think if that happens I might be okay with it because it will give me more hours in the week to pour myself into my children and really concentrate on our studies.

I am thankful for...
a great cross country season. I don't know about the kids but I am really going to miss it.

From the learning rooms...
Sam will start Spanish Rosetta Stone, and now that cross country is behind us, we will be adding Latin Roots to our course of study this week.

From the kitchen...
Pot roast in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots.

I am wearing...
Black sweat pants and cream colored hoodie.

I am creating...
A photo album of cross country pictures for our banquet at the end of the season - still!

I am going...
lesson plans for next week.

I am reading...
Dr. Susan Love's Menopause and Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices
An Excellent book so far!

I am hoping...
To again get through another week. I have another wedding on Saturday. Music group practice on Monday for Sam and Gabe, Music Ministry for me and Pete on Wednesday along with the very last art class for Izzy and Noah at the community center. Choir practice for the boys on Thursday and of course all the assorted music lessons and Saturday Soccer. Still, without the four cross country practices and weekly meet, the schedule seems lighter!

I am hearing... the buzzing in my ears which is somewhat quieter today!

Around the house...
Decorating for halloween/All Saints Day. This year we are making invitations and having a party at our house! This is mainly for my three youngest kids, but to make up for it I let Sam and Gabe go with the church youth group to one of those haunted houses things with our new parochial vicar. It's nice to have young priests in the parish to do these things with the kids and I hope it inspires boys to see that there is some fun to be had in the priesthood!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1. Walk or exercise tape every day.
2. Bible study with Gabe getting ready for confirmation.
3. Get math and reading done with everyone this week and get one library trip in.
4. Keep up with my typing - which might get easier if that client drops me! We'll see.
5. Have to do more legal work on my mom's estate - my new part time job... sigh.

A picture I am sharing:
homecoming for the Elms 2009 005
One more homecoming shot. That painting in the background of the barn was done by my mother about 50 years or so ago.

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