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Simple Woman

Outside my window...
Fall is here...

I am thinking...
about my Aunt Dorothy who is in her late 80s and still has the most beautiful handwriting! She has been such a support to me this year with mom dying. She has offered to tell us a little more about what it was like growing up in her household of 10 kids in upper Michigan and I can't wait to hear more about her experiences and memories.

I am also thinking a lot about the kids who mugged Sam and Gabe on Friday night. The boys were walking a neighbor girl home when three kids came up to them. Sam said, "Whatsup," (which is the proper greeting in these parts) and was promptly met with a punch to the jaw. But this is the part that amazes me. Sam fought back. The kid came at him and Sam punched him. To which the one of the other kids yelled, "Hey, don't hit my cousin!" I'm wondering where the logic to that is! Anyway from what they tell me Sam was on the ground and one of the kids came over to stomp on him and Sam grabbed is foot. Gabe grabbed one of the other kids and had him in a head lock. Before it was all over the neighbor girl's mother was smacking one of them too. It must have been quite a sight. The police were called but of course never showed and the kids eventually ran away, I think a bit surprised that they met with some resistance. At least one other kid besides Sam nursed a sore jaw this weekend.

Sometimes I hate this neighborhood.

I am thankful for...
the fact it was fought with blows and not knives or guns. I am thinking of getting some pepper spray for the boys to keep in their jackets when they are walking around the street. Just in case.

From the learning rooms...
Sam takes the PSAT test this week and I am a little nervous about it. I don't think he will do well in vocabulary and I know we will have to work harder on that. He should do great in math though. Sam also started an online literature course that he enjoyed very much. He is reading the Canterbury Tales.

From the kitchen...
Not sure yet, but cheesy chicken and rice sounds good.

I am wearing...
A new sweat suit I bought for myself.

I am creating...
A photo album of cross country pictures for our banquet at the end of the season - still!

I am going...
to continue my new exercise regimen which I totally dumped last week because of the pain on my side!

I am reading...

Francis Beckwith's Return to Rome.  I first heard about this book from  Pastor Bartalucci who is pretty negative towards Beckwith's return to Catholicism. 

Dr. Susan Love's Menopause and Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices
An Excellent book so far!

I am hoping...
To again get through the week. I have another wedding on Saturday. I am also wishing this week's wedding couple well! They were delightful. The father of the bride is fighting cancer and a seizure disorder, but he was determined to walk his daughter down the aisle. The bride was very emotional and crying tears of excitement and joy as she came forward to take her father's arm. But she didn't really look at him. He had taken off his glasses and replaced them with those plastic gag glasses with a big nose and mustache. When she did finally look at him she let out a squeal of joy and said, "Dad, you're not going down the aisle with that on!" But she loved it. And she'll always remember it... and him. It was great.

I am hearing...Sam, Gabe and Cassie with their rock band - sounding pretty good actually!

Around the house...
Mr. Pete took out the old toilet and sink in our basement bathroom. We are going to replace those with a new toilet and sink and then that room will be usable for the first time since we've lived here - which is over 20 years!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1. Walk or exercise tape every day.
2. Bible study with Gabe getting ready for confirmation.
3. Get math and reading done with everyone this week and get one library trip in.
4. Keep up with my typing!

A picture I am sharing:
October 2009 024
Izzy's Sunday School Class wants them to talk about their own baptisms. So I found this picture of Izzy's Baptism from 1999!

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