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My Domestic Church Daily Clips 10/06/2009

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  • A very interesting post and conversation about the dearly departed sending us messages. If you read that mom - take the hint!!

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  • Fascinating blog article from Cecily who was invited to tour the Glaxo Smith Kline packaging plant as a mommy blogger. Comments are equally interesting. What interests me is the big support from this mostly liberal crowd for mandatory vaccinations and I wonder if there is an association with also wanting Obamacare. Big government, mandates = eutopia? I guess that is the progressive mantra right?

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  • A good resource for vaccinating children

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    • Quality education beats the quantity every day. Instead of having our students sit under the same learning environment for longer and expect them to improve, maybe we need to change that learning environment. Maybe the problem is not with the students. Perhaps it is in the curriculum, or the teachers, or the learning environment, or the class size.
    • One of the best examples of the positives of a smaller classroom size, relaxed learning environment, and shorter hours in the school day are homeschoolers. Being raised in a homeschool learning environment, I can speak first-hand about the positives. I watched my peers and siblings achieve lofty goals. One such homeschool graduate graduated junior college at age 16 and is a college senior at age 18. This is not atypical of the homeschool community.

      Most of my friends are public school graduates. I would argue that each of them is incredibly gifted. Several got full funding to universities and grad school. So, obviously not all hope is lost for the public school system.

      Solutions are never as easy as lawmakers present. And I don't anticipate this will be any different. Adding hours of schooling will not make a big impact on children if we ignore other factors.

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