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My Domestic Church Daily Clips 10/02/2009

  • This was funny! For the past few years wages for medical transcriptionists have been stagnant due to overseas competition. In fact I was happy to find a place that would pay between 8 and 10 cents a line! This particular overseas service only charges 6 cents a line- but when I looked at the cons, I noted that "punctuation and grammar" had to be inserted!! Too funny!

    You get what you pay for I guess!

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      • How much does it cost?

        Currently, the cost of full-time, offshore (overseas)
        legal and medical transcription, that is, a volume of work equal
        to the workload of one full-time transcriptionist, averages approximately
        US-$600.00 per month.

        More precisely, the billing method is based on
        a 65-character line - including spaces - with each line billed at
        US-$.06 (6 cents). At US-$600.00 per month, this would equate to
        10,000 lines (650,000 characters) of transcribed data per month,
        or 500 lines (32,500 characters) per day based on a 20-day work

        Do the math yourself. Count the number of transcribed
        lines (65 characters) completed daily, and then multiply this figure
        by 6 cents.

        What are the advantages of offshore legal and
        medical transcription?

        • Low Costs
        • Pay only for the actual work performed
        • Take holidays and pay nothing
        • No overtime costs to pay
        • No taxes to pay
        • No employee benefits to pay
        • No advertising/recruiting costs to pay
        • Transcribed files are proof-read by a supervisor
          before being returned

        What are the disadvantages of overseas medical
        and legal transcription?

        • Because the transciptionist is located offshore
          - India or the Philippines - instantaneous changes to the dictated
          materials is not an option, although this can be done in your
          own word-processing programs before printing the work
        • Legal and medical transcriptionists type only
          what is contained in the recorded materials (no guessing and no
          creative gap-filling)
        • Punctuation, grammar must be inserted in your

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