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My Dearest Daughter

Grandma not in a good mood this week! My grandmother could be a hard woman. She was even harder after she had her stroke in the 1960s, but I still can see it in this letter from 1958.

October 4, 1958

Dear Maryrose:
Heare are your coats, scarf and two slips. I sewed and patched everything. I mailed out four packages to Tierra Amarilla Thursday. The last of the music books and the fiction can stay. If you ever drive back you can get them. It's too darn expensive for us to send the stuff.

Why don't you notify your magazines to change your address. There's no sense in paying postage twice.

Thank you for Calvin's birthday card that you didn't send. It always makes you feel good when people, especially sisters remember and Calvin was so happy. Oh well, off with the old and on with the new, I always say,a nd we are certainly part of the old now.

Mary Theresa (Maryrose's first cousin) feels that way too. She ran off about the 3rd of September and was married by a JP to a fellow she was forbidden to even see. (Uncle) Pete and (Aunt) Leona talked it over their pastor and were advised that they be friendly to Mary and her husband, but she doesn't even bother to call her mother up, living in the same city. Parents are such fools, not all of them of course, but some. We have never treated you like royalty, I supposed, but I don't think we did so badly either.

I got two cakes from the De Sonia's here is one for you for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Most get to work now, finish packing and getting this off.


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