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Ongoing tiff here, here, here and here with Janette at Ground Level in Kansas who apparently is upset that I don't care to discuss Obamacare on a thread where I am talking about losing my daughter's art class.  Although, Mr. Pete mentioned that it should give folks pause.  After all, we were paying for the art class anyway and it got cut.  So if folks pay for part of their health plan, but the government cuts it anyway how's that going to work?   But I digress.  Janette's comments in italics.
"First she might open her comments for one comment, but when she thinks that another comment could come, she closes them again- only to those who oppesses(sic) her POV.

Actually pretty much only you Janette.

She uses mean words to respond.

Maybe. But it is a little irritating that you don't seem to actually READ what I write when you respond, and a lot of your responses seem to be based on the fiction you make up rather than on what I actually write.

She did mention once that she holds grudges...Duh!

There is a difference between holding a grudge and refusing to let someone continue to slam your hand in the door. I'm kinda done with that.

This is not unlike what I see for her type of Catholic is as well.

Believe it or not Janette, your Catholicism also has a "type." 

Struggling with vocal Catholics (not doctrine- just the people that attend Church), I have given up on going at all.

Which is very typical of that "type."

A comment is made, a question returns, the door is slammed in your face and then you are talked about - sometimes not even behind your back.

From my perspective it's more akin to a hurtful  comment was made, a rhetorical question asked, and then the welcome mat is pulled back. . And I ALWAYS blogged about it with your name and link until you asked me not to. So which is it?  Can't have it both ways Janette.

This is not the way of Christ. His arms were open and questions were a part of his teaching. I am beginning to look for a kinder Church community. For years I sat through verbal abuse because I ask questions.

Um... maybe it's not the questions. Maybe it's the way you ask the questions. Or maybe it's the way you acted after you got the answer, particularly if it's not the the answer you wanted!? I'm just sayin, but it sounds like a pattern you're in.

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