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Obama, health care and mom

One blogger, a regular commenter here but I'm not linking to the blog, used my mother's situation as an example of what's wrong with the current health care system and I guess to support her contention that Obamacare is the way to go. She writes:

A friend's mother had cancer with Medicare and great insurance, but she was upset when a doctor missed some vital signs and the mother died "prematurely in her early 80's".

Let's unpack that.  My mom did have Medicare and a secondary insurance because she was a retired school teacher from Michigan. So she really did have great health care and most of her expenses were covered.

I don't for the life of me understand what that has to do with the fact that her oncologist missed all the red flags for ovarian cancer.  If anything I think this makes me more alarmed about Obamacare.  If a woman with great insurance ensures that the physician is going to be compensated well, and he still doesn't take the time to make a proper diagnosis, why should we expect better care and treatment with more patients coming into the system with lower compensation?  It doesn't make any sense.

This blogger further asks:

You say there is a way to do it- just not the way that is proposed.
WHAT IS THE WAY???????????????????????????????????????????????
Two suggestions come to mind - tort reform and allowing consumers to purchase insurance across state lines.  If people aren't limited to their choices for health insurance they  are more likely to find an insurance that meets their needs and budget.  Insurances will compete more for those clients as well. Tort reform will go a long way to lowering the cost of health care (i.e. the $18 aspirin pill, or $4000/night hospital room).  If prices come more into line with what people can afford it will benefit everyone.

Update: Janette wishes to be credited with her remarks (although in the past she asked me not to) so if you want to see her remarks in full they are here.

Janette also reminds me that  "it's not all about you" and that she indeed was referring to another friend.

Which makes me wonder, if these women with wonderful health insurance are getting shoddy health care, why are we thinking that will improve under socialized medicine when we have news every week about how bad that is in the UK and Canada?  And as this other lady and my mom were both in their early 80s apparently it was okay to make their lives expendable - then maybe the healthy seniors who are raising a ruckus about Obamacare have reason to be concerned!

And yes Janette I realize we all have to go sometime - but I'd prefer that to be between me and my maker without a 3rd party expediting the process!!

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