Monday, August 24, 2009

My Daily Domestic Diigolet 08/24/2009

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    • He said the problem was "the
      appearance" of conflict of interest. I asked how that could be
      when I never wrote about the subject at all. He said the real
      problem was that FreeScore was a major financial company and I
      wrote about finance. But, as I told him, FreeScore was a small
      Internet aggregator, not a bank or insurer.

      Never mind. I was history. "You should have consulted us," was
      the basic line.

    • Of course, there was not one word of complaint when I did
      commercials for immense public companies. By a total coincidence,
      I was tossed overboard immediately after my column attacking
      Obama. (You can attack Obama from the left at the Times
      but not from the right.)
  • Ben Stein gets let go by the NYT - tell me again about the open minded liberal press?

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    • Then, two things happened to change and end my career at the
      Times. Well, maybe three. The Times told me
      they were forced by budgetary pressures to only run me every four
      weeks. This was a blow and I started to think about where else I
      might write. (I had been solicited by many major publications
      while at the Times but my editors had asked me not to
      write for them and I did as asked.)
    • But the two main things, as I see them, were that I started
      criticizing Mr. Obama quite sharply over his policies and
      practices. I had tried to do this before over the firing of Rick
      Wagoner from the Chairmanship of GM. My column had questioned
      whether there was a legal basis for the firing by the government,
      what law allowed or authorized the federal government to fire the
      head of what was then a private company, and just where the Obama
      administration thought their limits were, if anywhere. This
      column was flat out nixed by my editors at the Times
      because in their opinion Mr. Obama inherently had such powers.

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