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1. I found this post on The Cancer Blog about hair dyes and cancer:

"The results of a European study, appearing in the July 1 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, reveal that roughly 10 percent of lymphomas in women could be caused by the use of hair dyes. The data suggest a small increase in risk -- and clearly more research is necessary -- but what researchers have found is that for the women who have dyed their hair more than 12 times, the risk is highest. And those who colored their locks before 1980 have the greatest risk. Since 1980, chemicals thought to be cancer-causing were eliminated from dyes -- although it is still not definite whether or not current hair dyes are risk-free. It is definite, say researchers, that further study of this topic is important.

My mom colored her hair for quite a long time before she let it turn its beautiful silver color. I know she blamed second hand smoke for her original bladder cancer, but now I am not so sure.

2. I do not color my hair for that reason. Well and the cost. and the upkeep. I can barely make it in every three or four months for a hair cut! I'd have two inch roots by the time I got around to getting recolored. So I'm learning to just love my gray.

Picture 002

Mr. Pete says my hair isn't that gray and that the flash just emphasized it. I think he's just being nice? But since I can't see the back of my head I'll take his word for it.

3. In an effort to sway me from Catholicism Jennie said:

It isn't enough to be a conservative homeschooler. The Holy Spirit has to work through His word, open your eyes, and regenerate your heart.

If we were sitting across the dinner table from each other when she said it, I am sure I would have launched a spoonful of mashed potatoes at her! and enjoyed it!

4. Speaking of Jennie's most recent blog debate, it really irks me when someone pops into a debate to add their two cents but then mentions how extremely limited their time is.Be in the debate or stay out of it (all of us are busy) but don't whine about how busy you are and how you usually never lower yourself to participate in such brawling!   Honestly!

5.  I've thrown up my hands and just decided that one day I will die.  Not anytime soon hopefully but I have been preoccupied with my health lately.  Every ache and pain makes my brain decide that I am riddled with cancer. I've just decided that I'm doomed (which of course, we all are anyway) and trying to find more of a way to live with it I guess.  Part of this came from more reading on ovarian cancer.  I guess your chances of getting ovarian cancer really go down if you have a hysterectomy.  Well mom had one 40 years ago and still got stage IIIc cancer!  It's also supposed to go down if you have had a lot of children, but Peter's aunt had six kids and she has stage IV cancer!  So I don't think it matters. If you're gonna get it, you're gonna get it.

6.  The neighborhood kids go back to school on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I CAN't WAIT!!!!

7. Steve Kellmeyer wrote an article on his blog called: Where Catholic Education Is Headed. 
According to Steve it's headed towards homeschooling:

  • Loss of trivium and quadrivium (the classical education), means loss of Catholic identity,
  • Most schools and parishes violate the Catholic principle of subsidiarity in sacramental education by removing sacramental instruction almost entirely from the parents' shoulders,
  • Virtually no "Catholic" school adheres to the Vatican documents on Catholic education.
  • Teachers are not restricted to actively practicing Catholics, but to whoever will take the pay.
  • Children are not segregated along baptismal or belief status, nor according to sex.
  • The curriculum is not permeated by Catholic viewpoint, it uses texts, teachers and teaching philosophy identical to that of secular schools.
  • The Catholic Church now runs a string of private schools that are Catholic primarily in label, not content.
Homeschooling is an imperfect return to an educational model that was successful for thousands of years. Given the demographics, it will probably be at least another decade before Catholic bishops can publicly move their support away from the dying Catholic school parochial system and decisively move toward support of Catholic homeschooling. Until then, bishops commission blue-ribbon panels to natter on about What Should Be Done (tm). And they wait.

I have mixed feelings about this.  I know Catholic education in Catholic schools isn't everything it's cracked up today.  I know that because I went to Catholic school and graduated from one.  It took me years to undo it! This is why I don't send my kids there. But for our sorta inner-city parish, if the school dies, the parish will soon follow, at least in it's present location.  And that would be a shame.  HT TSO for the head up.

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