My Spring Reading List!

After the heavier reading of Lent, I thought I'd like to continue some inspirational spiritual reading through the Easter season as well. 

Here's my book list!

Private and Pithy lessons from Scripture - Mother Angelica
Little Book of Life Lessons - Mother Angelica
Three to Get Married - Fulton Sheen
The Little Oratory
Diary Sister Faustina
Getting Past Perfect - Kate Wicker
The Words We Pray - Amy Welborn
Perfectly Yourself - Matthew Kelly 
Crossing the Threshold of Hope - Pope John Paul II

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My final points toPilgrim's Daughterhere.

"The lesson for us is not that we should worship and honor Mary as a Divine being, but that we should emulate her submission to the will of God, come what may."

Actually Catholic teaching agrees with that. We don't worship Mary and we certainly do not honor her as a divine being. The church does not teach that Mary was divine and most of the faith- as it relate to Mary surrounds emulating her fiat, her yes to the Will of God.

So basically, in a nutshell, we are all in agreement on this.

That was easy.

"If Jesus had come to earth with his God nature, there was no way He could have died. "

God can do anything.

"He laid aside His immortality and took upon Himself mortality for our sakes"

Once again I wince in my seat because this sounds very much like a heresy. Sorry but it does.

I believe Mary did carry God in her womb, but the point is that Mary was created by Him before He became a man in her womb (by the power of the Triune God of which He is a member)

And on this point, once again Catholics agree.


Well there are lots of assumptions here. The scripture is silent on a lot of things and if you are going to live your life based on a "simple read" of scripture, I'll bet we could find a lot of things you do and believe that are not a part of scripture.

Secondly, you're suggesting that the term Mother of God is not used because the writers thought that 21st century Protestants might think it means she was divine. I keep telling you Jennie that you need to move from where you are to understand other paradigms and frankly, since we have the words of the early church fathers that existed BEFORE the canon of the bible did, I think your conclusion is severely flawed.

For conversion stories may I suggest this, this and this.

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