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Works for me Wednesday- some homeschool/ supplemental school stuff

Here are two nice additions to spice up our homeschool/middle school life.

Book Adventure is a great way to find books for your children to read, or for you to read to your children. I have been struggling somewhat in trying to choose the next book for my middle schoolers since we finished The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Johnny Tremain. Book Adventure gave me two pages of suggestions along with reading level and brief synopses.

Book Adventure also provided me with a quiz that I could give to my children to see how well they understood the book. I can print out a copy of the quiz too for their portfolios. That's really a nice feature.

Some of you might remember using a site called Spelling Time. It was a good little program but then it went to subscription only last year. I also didn't like the fact that they closed up during the summer months. This week I found an nice alternative. It's called Spelling City. It allows me to create and save spelling lists and it provides several ways for the student to get the words into their heads! Very easy to use and absolutely free!

Anything that makes homeschooling a little easier for free, works for me!

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