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Works for Me Wednesday

I had a few problems with my 2-year-old computer over the holiday. There was some glitch in it that would NOT let me connect to the internet. I took it to the repair shop (it wasn't a virus!) and they got it up and running for me. But I also bought a new computer. So we now have two work horse computers in the house that I can use to network and back each other up.

But while my first computer was in the shop, I desperately needed some of the files from it. Mozy was able to down load some things that had been saved but that took a day or so. (more on that later).

In the meantime, I was able to get some of the files I needed from a place I had stored them called In a matter of minutes I retrieved the physician's directory I had stored over on and had it back on my computer!

You can keep things in your account private, or you public. If you've ever gone to my homeschool blog, you'll see that I keep some things I don't mind sharing with the world in a widget in the side bar.

I keep my physician's directory over there as well as my Christmas card list. This would be a great place to store things on line that make your life simple, that you would need back in a hurry and isn't too private.

Works for Me!

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