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Works for Me Wednesday- What's your backup plan?

I always knew that I should back up my computer, but I wasn't really sure HOW to back up my computer or even what was the best way to back up my computer.

Back in January, I wrote about how I woke up one morning to the blue screen of death. My computer had died and my tech guy said there was no way to fix it (although he told me for $600 there was a company that specialized in pulling data off of dead hard drives!)

With my current computer, I wanted to make sure that I NEVER went through that experience again, and I signed up for Mozy and got 2GB totally free online backup! But after a few months I decided I wanted to back up everything, instead of trying to pick and choose what was most important. So I signed up for Mozy Unlimited Backup for only $4.95/Month. And now I don't worry about backing my files up!

Yesterday however, I noticed that my Mozy wasn't working and that a backup hadn't happened automatically in about 12 days. So I contacted their tech support and after a very brief wait, a technician was able to Live chat with me and we fixed the problem. He even followed up with an e-mail, which I thought was very professional. My Mozy had been backing up my files ever since.

This month Mozy is having a 10% discount when you sign up for an annual or biannual unlimited. Just type in the code DECEMBER. Just type that into the referral box. Works for me!

ALSO - since I couldn't get into Works for Me Wednesday last week when Mr. Linky was down, here is my post on Twitter Helps!

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