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Works for Me Wednesday- housebreaking a puppy! and potty training a toddler in the same week!

A couple of weeks ago we bought a new puppy for Christmas. The owner said he thought she was an Australian cattle dog and something else. Well, she's something else alright. Very cuddling. She lived with us a good 12 days before I ever heard her bark! She is just now starting to feel comfortable walking around the house. She's a little meek.

But one thing she didn't do the first week here was pee or poop in the house! We followed the instructions in No Bad Dogs: The Woodhouse Way to a T, and in a week she was house trained! The only back sliding we had was when the older boys took turns caring for her. They didn't follow the steps and we had two accidents, but we got right back on the program and Sophie Tucker has been a good dog ever since.

and as a bonus...
I told Miss Rosie that I thought the puppy was going to be housebroken before she was potty trained! She has been successfully wearing big girl underpants and using only the toilet ever since then! So I consider that a two for one!

Works for me.

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