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How to have a Domestic Church

I had a great question last week in my email. A reader asked the simple question, "How do I make a Domestic Church."

I totally get the question. When Mr. Pete and I reverted back to our Catholic faith we wanted to be Catholic! We wanted to live our Catholic faith and pass it on to our children, but we were at a loss of how to do so! Not that our parents weren't strong examples, but the blurriness of the rebellious teenage years, coupled with the years we floundered in our own desert and the emptiness of what we had learned about our faith following that wily "Spirit of Vatican II" made the picture of what that should look like very blurry.

So I think I'm going to attempt something that I have had in the back of my head for sometime and bring it to the blog. I'm going to write some of my ideas, thoughts and experiences of what it takes to truly live in the Domestic Church, in a home that gives glory to God.

To start at the beginning, it helps to know what The Domestic Church really means. My emphasis will focus on married life with children, but of course single people can have their own Domestic Church as can empty nesters, the widowed and divorced. How that is accomplished in each state of life will certainly look different but the goal is the same - to live our daily lives with a focus on God.

The catechism defines the Domestic Church this way: "the domestic church," a community of grace and prayer, a school of human virtues and of Christian charity.

A community is made up of individuals and in my experience, that is where the start of my domestic church had to come from - it had to begin with me as the wife and mom. For me the turning point came when I was strapped to a hospital bed, in labor, with an oxygen mask and a baby in fetal distress! Next time I blog on this topic, I 'll be picking the journey up from there.

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