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Works for Me Wednesday - If you like to categorize

and you're a blogger, you might enjoy adding the tag to your blog side bar. You can see mine in my first side bar! I love it because I am the type of blogger that tends to over categorize each post because I'm afraid I won't find it again! For me a straigh list of categorieson my blog would be way too long. But allows you to use the cloud formation as well as a list! You can arrange alphabetically or by frequency. Your readers can see what your hottest topics are as well by the size of the font.

It's a fun toy that I just added and am having fun trying to get my posts organized. Works for me!

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SAHMmy Says said…
Great tip! I've been using to submit all my posts to, it seriously never occured to me to use it for myself!
Kathy in WA said…
Thanks for the tip! I haven't used or technorati or digg (sp on all of those??) very well with my blog.

Nice to hear how other people are organizing things on their blog.

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