Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - ta da lists!

I was inspired by some of the ladies who were putting their to do lists in their side bars. But godness knows, I don't need any more stuff in my side bars! Still I wanted my list and I wanted it accessible through my blog. On looking arond I found
Ta-da list! It's linked on my left side bar.

It's easy to use. I can add things to my list quickly and easily. I can even make up other lists, like for work, or housework, or a list for each kid! Once I'm done I just check it off.

The best part for me though, is that I can e-mail a copy of the list to myself and then I can print off a hard copy too. I can put that in front of my calendar or hang it from my fridge and just check it off as I get everything done. Pretty fun!

And if you're like me, having things to check off gives me a sense of accomplishment! Works for me!

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