My Spring Reading List!

After the heavier reading of Lent, I thought I'd like to continue some inspirational spiritual reading through the Easter season as well. 

Here's my book list!

Private and Pithy lessons from Scripture - Mother Angelica
Little Book of Life Lessons - Mother Angelica
Three to Get Married - Fulton Sheen
The Little Oratory
Diary Sister Faustina
Getting Past Perfect - Kate Wicker
The Words We Pray - Amy Welborn
Perfectly Yourself - Matthew Kelly 
Crossing the Threshold of Hope - Pope John Paul II

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At Least I made the top of the list

If you check out JCecil's blog today you notice his very public service announcement with a list of the IP addresses that he is "banning." That one on the very tip top - is mine!

And that dear readers, is just itchin for a good old fashioned frisking!

This has nothing to do with anyone's political or theologial opinions.

What do you want to bet every one of my fellow bannished commenters is also more conservative in our religious beliefs and politics than the host?

It has to do with the mean spirited manner of conduct demonstrated over a period of two or more years.

Well, I think in JCecil's mind, that's probably true. However I never made a comment that came in the vicinity of this type of mean spiritedness yet I note that commenter didn't make this exclusive list.

Regardless of whether you think me charitable or not, if you want to comment on this blog, you must treat other readers and me with basic human respect.

I challenge anyone to find a comment where I did not treat readers with basic human respect. I can find several where that courtesy was not afforded to me and several others that simply disagreed with the host.

The users of these IP addresses do not seem to know what that means, and have forfeited the right to participate until further notice.

What it apparently means to the host is - never disagree with his view point, never indicate that he might be wrong and do not defend yourself agains the ad hominem attacks of commenters in the com boxes that support the host and his perspective

And I will be watching all other IP addresses for strict adherence to the rules in the sidebar. Mind your P's and Q's.

Ah yes, the infamous rules in the side bar.

- Ad hominem logical fallacy is to be avoided,
Many ad hominem logical fallacies are made from the host included. This rule is never enforced unless it is from a conservative. Note the infamous quote from JCecil now in my side bar about my "horrendous witness."

- Character assassination directed at readers will not be tolerated,
Of course it will! My character was assassinated several times and those comments still stand.

- I do recognize intellectual bullying tactics and do not want to see it here,

- Name calling is not acceptable,

- Meanness is unacceptable behavior,

It is well documented in those com boxes that he either doesn't recognize bullying or he chooses to ignore it, name calling is par for the course, and meanness is acceptable. Which then begs the question:

- Anything I deem hurtful will be considered inappropriate,

What standard is JCecil using to deem something hurtful and inappropriate. Apparently only comments that hurt his feelings intentionally or un.

- Stick to the topic of the post you are commenting upon,
Another rule he lets slide.

- Do not dredge up ancient history with others you have encountered in the past, whether in cyberspace, or in real life, or any other venue,

unless it involves his past behavior.

- Be as nice as you possibly can muster even to a mean host who you are simply not permitted under any circumstances whatsoever to say is mean no matter what you think of him,

Translation: Double standard.

Some of this is so over the top you just sort of have to read them for yourself. Here are some highlights:

- Diversity of input to the topic is encouraged, and I hope I am not scarring people away by demanding strict adherence to what I consider very commonsense politeness,

- I am a liberal. While I may tolerate some politically incorrect speech, be careful. I reserve the right to reign you in. What I percieve as blatantly or intentionally racist, sexist, or homophobic may not fly, though I'll grant a wee little latitude if I can see where you are headed, or have no reason to believe your intentions are what I, and I alone, consider unacceptable,

- I welcome different ways of knowing than the rational technique of arguing, and also like to argue and debate according to the rules I am outlining,

- Logical fallacies identified by the Greek philosophers may be pointed out, and when accurately pointed out according to my final judgment, do not call for retaliation against the person who pointed it out,

You must accept criticism of your own ideology charitably, whether it was given charitably or not,

- I am not particularly fond of the cyber-practice known as "fisking" (line-by-line analysis of a comment in quote and response format). I'll tolerate it usually without saying anything, but be aware it may set me on edge, or encourage me to do the same, even though nobody talks that way in real life. Use it judicially,

- Do not imply anyone commenting is stupid,

- You may refer to public figures who are not commenting as stupid if you believe it true or more charitable than the alternative explanations for their behavior,

- When a public figure who is not participating in this discussion is called stupid by a commenter, no other commenter is permitted to retaliate against that commenter because it might be true that the public figure has a low IQ. Instead, you are to ask for the evidence, and if it is supplied, shut up no matter how much you like the the person lacking intelligence, accept that the public figure might be stupid, and if you do not follow this rule, I will shut you up upon my own discretion,

- Please, do feel free to appeal to textual support if you have it for your opinions, such as Vatican documents, the Bible, statements from bishops, etc... but don't overwhelm us, even if the host does that all the time, and accept the possibility of alternate interpretations than yours,

- Follow your mothers rule, which is "Do as I say, not as I do" when it comes to the rules of the host,

I reserve the right to verbally swat you hard enough to emotionally hurt you if possible if you break my rules.

I reserve the right and have the technology to delete comments or ban people or even alter comments. I seldom have had to use it.

I reserve the sole right to be mean to mean spirited commentors if I choose to be without criticism.

If I happen to be away from my PC while discussion gets heated from one individual, do not call it out. Wait until I get back to my PC and let me decide who is being cruel, if anyone. And I may very well be away for hours on hours at a time. Tough. Wait it out, or I'll beat you up too (and delete your comments if I feel I should).

Apparently he never learned how to turn his Haloscan comments off while he's away.

I am the judge and jury here - I am not God - but for the purposes of this blog close enough that if you wish to participate, you better do what I say.

Peace and Blessings!

Also just as a public record, I asked JCecil back in July of last year to ban me and take my blog off his blog roll:

Frankly after last week, and now especially because you as blog host are unable or unwilling to administrate in a fair and even handed manner, I find that your blog is an unsafe place for me.

Please ban me and take the link to my blog off of your side bar. I will no
longer feel obliged to check your blog regularly . I would appreciate it if
you did not draw any further attention to this publically, as I view NMH as
a real threat to the safety and security of me and my family. I make this
appeal as a mother to a father and regardless of what else you may think of
me, I hope that you will at least respect that.

And now he has. The end of an era in a way. JCecil and his wife are expecting their second baby. He wrote on his blog this week that he hopes that his crosses will spare his wife and children. I hope that too. I hope that his wife never has to read or hear some of the attacks that I endured via her husband's blog, ever.

Before it gets deleted, I want to thank the commenter Kish for your support on that blog:
I read your blog sporadically. Admittedly with links from Elena's blog. I usually think you inadequately express your ideas and argue poorly; aka I wish I hadn't followed the link here. Could you block me too?

Thanks Kish.

They say when God closes a door, he opens a window. This morning I got an invitation to join a Yahoo Group because, "You are a thinking
person and would make a good addition to our group."

Made me smile! ; )