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New Years Resolutions for 2007!

Well, these are somewhat like last year but I do see some improvement!
1. To try to get more ORGANIZED prayer time into my day, especially with my husband. Since I've been using the Magnificate this has become much easier!
Aquinas and More Catholic Goods - For all your Catholic needs

January Magnificat 2007

January Magnificat 2007

2. To get more scripture study in too. I actually did get part way through the bible last year with this wonderful aid! My goal is to make it all the way through this year!

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods - For all your Catholic needs

My Daily Catholic Bible

My Daily Catholic Bible

3. To be more organized in my household, but particularly with my homeschool. To that end I am going to make myself write in my homeschool blog more to keep a more accurate picture of what we are accomplishing.

I actually did better with that last year. This year I just purchased Cindy Rushton's E-book set to help me accomplish more with this!

4. To read more to the little ones AND keep track of it on my Library Thing - also in my homeschool blog.

I've been right on track and doing great on this one. Now I would like to inspire my older two boys to read more for recreation, perhaps even starting a family evening reading night!

5. I'd like to read more books myself after the inspiration of Mama T and TSO.
OK, not so good on this one, so I'm renewing it.

6. More prayer time with the kids including the Angelus, First Fridays, and Divine Mercy.

7. To earn at least one plenary indulgence a month!
Well, I didn't get one every month so I'll keep working on it.

8. To pay off at least 10% of my oustanding credit card debt. This will be easier this year. Renewed for 2007!

9. To hit my 10% mark on Weight Watchers by March and goal by my birthday. Renewing this one too. I lost 5 pounds and then just stayed there. I am hitting the exercise trail again also! This week I've been kicking it with the Firm!

10. To practice my instrument at least 3 times a week.

11. Keep up with my medical transcription business. (did it!)Perhaps add a client this year?

12. Get my eBay business humming!! I actually did pretty good with this and now that I have a better idea what sells, I'm hoping to take it to the next level.

13. Change my homeschool philosophy around to reflect more of a Charlotte Mason, Real Learning paradigm.

13. To blog a little something everyday keeping Mary's demeanor with St. Theresa of Avilla's humor! (ugh)

14. Come to think of it I'd like to be like that with my everyday dealings as well - be gentle and patient like Mary with St. Theresa of Avilla's humor!! "

15. Write more letters. Send more cards. Be better at keeping in touch!

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