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The Lapped Catholic is having a motivational poster contest using Flickr toys! (See link below)

I chose this picture of my mother and Rosie right after she was born last year. My mother has had a difficult life, but she has always been very devout and devoted to the Lord and her prayer life. My mom was a child of the great depression. Although she excelled in her education and musical pursuits, she didn't have as much luck with her marriage. My father and mother separated when I was 15 months old and my mother was expecting my sister. We lived with my grandparents while I was growing up and my mother worked for 30 years as a public school teacher. My mom was a single mom before it being a single mom was the norm. She raised us, loved us, and always tried to provide the things we needed and even some of the things we wanted. She always drove us around to all of our games, practices, and classes. In 1998 my mother had a huge benign brain tumor removed from her frontal lobe. She also has been treated for bladder cancer. Shortly before Rosie was born we discovered that she had multiple myeloma which is incurable. Yet she lived to see the birth of her 11th grandchild and she continues to feel well enough to spend time with all of her grandchildren and to participate in their lives. She has been Sam's main homeschool teacher from Kindergarten through now - on the brink of high school. They will all have good memories of her. My mother's name is Maryrose, and so we named the baby after her, Maryrose aka "Rosie." I submit this poster in honor of my mom.

Grandma and her 11th grandchild

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

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