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Catholic Doors Ministry - One Year Readings

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The Pasta Diet

My Domestic Church New Years Resolutions.

If I have to be a mauruding marsupial

Salve for my mother's heart!

A member of St. Blog's wins Best Homeschooling Mom Blog Award

Feast of the Holy Family

There's just something wrong with that Michael Schiavo.

Belated Christmas Gift!

A victim of Vatican II

Whatever happened to thank- you notes?


Star of Bethlehem

Successful aging!

The Feast of St. John - the beloved apostle.

Wonderful post by Selkie

I never get this.

A few new things on my homeschool blog.

Barbara Curtis shares her powerful witness

He wanted to be on the swim team! This is the holiday practice schedule!

John Paul II: Angelus Message for Feast of St. Stephen

The Pope speaks.

Your Pastoral Coach: Christmas From the Hospital

Who knew!!


Fascinating discussion

Martin Luther on Fatherhood.

A Christmas Wish!

The lady doth protest too much me thinks.

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You know you're kid is on the right path when

What Mr. Pete and I have to look forward too!

Mr. Pete's Car Payments

Bai MacFarlane on the radio this morning in Cleveland

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Twitchy eye

Final thoughts on the BOB scandal.

New article on the MacFarlane Case - Catholics and 'no-fault' divorce

Please welcome to the blog roll...

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Are these cute or what!!

I interrupt this holiday mood to bring you

FamilyFun: Glittery Angel

My Votes for Blogs of Beauty Award

Saint Nicholas ::: Advent Saint

And you thought your neighbor's Christmas lights were obnoxious!

My Domestic Church

Now this really is a neat homemade gift idea! For the family that likes jigsaw puzzles

10 Tips for Preparing Your Christmas Cards - Christmas Organizing

TeachingMOM Advent Calendar

Getting ready for Christmas wearing you out!