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What it's like being in the third trimester of pregnancy over 40!

Surprisingly, it's not that different than being pregnant 16 years ago. There are some differences. It seems that since my body has been through this 5 times before into the third trimester, it knows what to do. The body just takes shape and the bones and ligaments seem to just go where they need to go. I am not having the excruciating pelvic bone pain that I have had in other pregnancies. Interestingly, with this pregnancy I have not danced or Jazzercised because of early miscarriage fears, and yet I have gained the least weight and have had the least amount of pelvic pain with this pregnancy. Go figure!!

The tiredness and energy drain seem to be about the same although since I have more kids to care for that drains more than I had in the past, but in a different way. I don't have to worry about what my toddlers are doing while I try to nap. Instead I have to worry about getting homeschool done and getting kids where they need to be instead of getting a nap!

I can remember being pregnant with my second child and realizing that my oldest WAS NOT going to take a nap, regardless of how badly I needed one. He was jumping all over the bed having fun like a little monkey. I remember laying down on the bed and warning him that I didn't care what he did, but he was not allowed to leave the bed. And then I fell asleep amidst his jumping frenzy. When I woke, I woke with a start because it was so quiet!! He had fallen asleep at the foot of the bed, shortly after I went to sleep - probably from boredom. I don't have that problem this time.

Overall I feel great with a lot of energy. I've read so much about pregnancy over 40 being so tiring. I wonder if all the years of exercise I did before pregnancy helped because I really feel great, especially in the morning. I sure am looking forward to being more after the baby is here.

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