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Just testing

The Pope and the People.

Childbirth choices!

That's better Bill!

Our new Pope is a Cat Lover

Quote of the Day

A Baby Boy for Jamie!

Ina Mae Gaskin

What it's like being in the third trimester of pregnancy over 40!

When My Daughters have Babies...

Having babies, or The Tale of Two Ovaries!

The little book seller in me!

eBay petition.

Just say no to crack!

Bring it on!

Funny how God works his plan!

Coming to Terms!

A funny quote

Father Joseph Fessio, the Chancellor/Provost to Ave Maria University in Florida,

Final thoughts on the House of Martha thread.

True words in response

The truth about Dogma and Pope Benedict

"Progressive" Catholic talking points!

And now a word from Mr. Pete

Treading the Tiber

Who's going to pay for it!

Birth Control Is for Sissies!!

Funding for House of Martha

How NOT to debate

The Buzz on Pope Benedict!

A concept I just can't seem to wrap my mind around!

Pope Benedict XVI!!!

Why do people stay in the church?

Cardinal Ratzinger

A Opus Dei Blog

Opus Dei

Gotta love the angst at the NY Times,

Catholic schools against homeschoolers!

It's never too late!

eBay Stuff!

When it comes to life issues...

Wrongful Birth!

The Josh Harris web site

Letter from homeschool student Sharnessa Shelton!

A public school horrror story

Transcripts for the couple interviewed in the story below.

Giving birth to a terminally ill child.