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This and that

Another look at the contraception/abortion connection.

Florida residents beware!

A great reply to the "you don't care" fallacy

Another thought for the day.

Take This Rock's Catholic Quiz

A First-Hand Account of What Goes on Inside a Chula Vista Abortion Clinic

The Victims of Abortion

A time for everything.

The art of disagreeing.

It never rains but it pours.


Some funnies

Feeling Odd

Domestic Excellence is Back!

A note for homeschoolers from Bai MacFarlane

A delightful conversion story.

Thought for the Day.

A Unique Day.

Steven Cohen - librarian extrodonaire has a great article on keeping current.

Michael Moore and the high school hall of fame!

Here's a perspective you just don't read very often!

Mr. Pete and Mom set out to make some money...

55% of voting Catholics went with President Bush

Sister Consuelo, the tsunami, abortion and recovery.

The Tsunami and abortion

A new Blog!

Truth Laid Bear Eco System

After Making Love We Hear Footsteps

Another Protestant Christian discovers the truth about contraception

A must read!

Studying the Catechism.

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Progressive Catholics

Andrea Yates

Laci Peters and Amber Frey

Catholics and Communion