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I don't remember if I mentioned this on the blog before, but a couple of years ago, (as a matter of fact it was the day after Bob Hope passed on) my daughter was sitting with me at the pool waiting for her brother to finish his swimming lessons. She was right next to me, mindlessly pushing herself off of the tiled half wall and catching herself, sort of like wall pushups. and... she slipped. Smashed her little face right into the tile of the half wall and knocked out her four front top teeth. It was awful!!!

Now, she was 4 years old then and she is 5 1/2 now. She has learned to talk but you have to really listen. She can't say anything clearly that requires front teeth - like S, F, V, TH, etc. I do a lot of translating and sometimes I don't know what she's trying to say. My dentist says that once her big teeth come in, with a little speech therapy, she should be OK.

IN the meantime... my daughter has been watching reruns of The Nanny with me and I kid you not, she is trying to sound like Fran Fine!!

That's all I need is for my sweet Irish princess with a speech impediment walking around talking with a Yiddish accent!!

Tonight as I was typing she brought me some pumpkin pie and as she was leaving she said in her best Nannyesque voice, "Enjoy!"


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