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I got this in my comment box regarding Liberal Manifestos.

I submit my mind, as well as my heart and soul, to the legitimate teachings of the magisterium. What I've called into question is not that. If you want to close your mind and submit to the arbitrary decisions of men that will eventually be changed, that's up to you, but don't try to drag the rest of us along with you. And don't look at us when they do eventually change these decisions, and your faith comes crashing down because you thought them infallible. That's exactly what has happened to the Society of St. Pius X and the Sedevacantists, and there's a whole new generation of neo-traditionalists just waiting to become the next ultra-trads when the Church changes her discipline again.

The commentor has disciplines, doctrines and dogmas all mixed up. The teaching on homosexual marriages for example is not a "discipline" so although there will probably be more bluster about it, I am secure in the knowledge that the church isn't going to change all of the doctrines of the faith to accomodate the loud angry voices.

I remain even more secure in the knowledge that the so called "men" making the "arbitrary decisions" in the future are more likely to come from orthodox Catholic homes than in liberal ones. It's a matter of mathematics. If Liberal Catholics have embraced a culture of elective sterility, (contraception, same sex unions, some even support abortion etc.) it's only logical that they will have fewer offspring to carry on their liberal causes. Catholics practicing their faith, open to new life will just logically have more children, and raising them with solid Cathoilc teaching, will produce the next generation of church leaders.

So I don't lose any sleep over my "faith coming crashing down" around me. Because I've done my homework and with each diaper change, each boo boo bandaged, each wet sticky kiss, each heart-to-heart talk with a teenager at midnight over a cup of coco at the kitchen table, I've helped changed the culture and the chruch. I'm very optimistic about the Catholic Church!

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