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American Life League on FDA approval of the morning after pill

ALL President Judie Brown testifies against ‘Plan B’ going OTC
At a Food and Drug Administration hearing today, American Life League president Judie Brown testified against making the “morning-after pill” (or “emergency contraception”) regimen known as Plan B available as an over-the-counter (OTC) medication.

“Plan-B is a dangerous drug regimen that takes the life of a newly conceived baby. Our federal government should never sanction abortion in any form, whether the means of death are chemical or surgical,” said Mrs. Brown. “Frankly, so-called emergency contraception should have never been approved in the first place. In addition to its abortifacient potential, this multi-pill regimen also poses serious health risks to the mother who takes it.”


Statement of Judie Brown:

This request is made based on the following facts: (a) these high doses of artificial hormones can and do terminate the lives of human beings after their lives have begun at conception/fertilization; (b) these pills are dangerous for women, particularly adolescent women, and (c) the damage to family life would be severe.

Emergency contraception is not contraception

So-called emergency contraception is not contraception. By definition contraception prevents the union of human sperm and human egg; the union that results in a human being beginning at fertilization. Emergency contraception works to change the lining of the uterus so that the human zygote cannot implant. If the human zygote cannot implant, he or she will die. This means that the pills in question do not prevent pregnancy from occurring, but rather end the life of a baby after his or her life has begun at fertilization.

Documentation on this point abounds in written testimony that has been provided to your office over the past several weeks. With my comments today I submit yet another document, prepared by noted author, lecturer and scientist John Wilks, to validate the fact that emergency contraception causes abortion.

Emergency contraception is dangerous for women of reproductive age

The composition of Plan B, the particular brand of pill being discussed today, is such that two pills contain .75 mg levonorgestrel, a chemical that can contribute to heart problems, circulatory problems, blood clotting, ectopic pregnancy and more. There is more than adequate documentation in the medical literature to suggest that these pills are not only dangerous but if given without access to a complete medical history, potentially deadly. As you are no doubt aware, a medical history is required prior to dispensation of the birth control pill precisely because of possible harmful effects to the user. Over-the-counter status immediately removes this safeguard.

Who will be liable if a woman who ingests these pills suffers a deleterious side effect? Will the United States government pay for her care?

Emergency contraception can destroy families

Pills such as Plan B are designed with one purpose in mind: to destroy the evidence that a sexual encounter has occurred that could result in the conception of a child. The emergency in this case is clearly the potential for pregnancy to occur. If these pills are made available on an over-the-counter basis, adolescents who might have given such a result a second thought will not be inclined to take pregnancy into consideration before engaging in risky sexual encounters. Parents would be totally unaware and would have no ability to consent before their child ingested such powerful drugs because the drugs in question would not require a prescription.

The wedge that such a situation would drive between parents and children should be of serious concern to this body. It is parents who are the natural support system for their children, particularly in times of illness or distress. It is parents, therefore, who should make decisions regarding what type of drugs their children will ingest and when. To further erode this natural parental role in our society is to drive another nail into the family coffin.

Further, the ready availability of these pills will advance the practice of promiscuous sex, while at the same time making it possible for unemancipated minors to freely engage in such encounters without concern for the consequence of a visible pregnancy. What long-term effect this will have on the health and well being of such young people is not known nor has it been the point of any recent studies. This should concern the Food and Drug Administration specifically because the pandemic of sexually transmitted disease is well known and is totally out of control.

If an unemancipated minor contracts a serious STD and requires treatment that would ultimately involve the parents, will the FDA accept the responsibility for paying the medical bills due to its decision to make such powerful drugs available to children without parental consent?

Clearly the Food and Drug Administration has a moral and ethical responsibility to assure, to the best of its ability, the health and welfare of every member of the human family. In the case of the suggested over-the-counter status for the morning after pill regimen, it is undeniable that the only way for the FDA to act responsibly is for it to decide that these pills will not be made available over the counter.

Thank you.

I can't believe the advisory board approved this anyway.